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iOS: a device to access your personal data at 100 € on eBay

Today more than ever, apple phone users are prey to pirates. While originally intended for law enforcement, some copies of Cellebrite, a tool that provides access to data from iPhone, found themselves on the sales site for individuals eBay.

Available from $ 100, with a price that can go up to $ 1000 depending on the model, Cellebrite is a tool that accesses data, however protected, from iPhone. Three years ago, the brand had been publicized because its technology had allowed to search many devices iOS locked. The company had sold millions of dollars worth of machines to law enforcement. Once the tool is used and useless, buyers are forced to return Cellebrite devices to the brand.

Cellebrite - iOS: a device to access your personal data at 100 € on eBay

The Israeli company then takes care of purifying the devices so that they cannot store any sensitive data. Only the company can delete this data: so that once sold on eBay, the device allows new buyers to access the data of the old iPhone analyzed.

A security researcher, Matthew Hickey, obtained one and was able to discover the list, the nature and the IMEI number of the unlocked devices, but also their date of excavation, the type of data recovered, contact lists, messaging conversations … Imagine what a hacker could do with all this data.