iOS 14 would still be available on iPhone 6S and iPhone SE

iOS 9 victim of a new annoying bug

A rather annoying bug currently appears in some iPhone 6S users with iOS 9: the images displayed appear as enlarged, zoomed in the center, which prevents them from accessing and visible at the edge of the image.

iOS 9 iPhone 6S zoom bugThe bug would only affect users who transferred their data from iCloud from an iPhone 5, 5C or 5S to their iPhone 6S. Fortunately it does not concern all applications and would be limited to the Wallet, Weather, calculator, Watch and Health apps. The zoom operated on the image thus automatically trims the borders, a restart does not solve the problem.

For some applications, we guess the hidden characters, but in the wallet application, certain commands are precisely located on the edges of the screen, which makes certain manipulations impossible. One way to temporarily counter this bug is to activate the Zoom function in the settings, but in this case, all applications not affected by the bug before appear in Zoom mode …

Apple has already announced that the problem will be resolved in the update to iOS 9.1, it will, as always, be patient.