iOS 9: towards the end of targeted advertisements in applications?

iOS 91 - Apple corrige une faille liée au jailbreak dans iOS 9

With iOS 8, advertisers were able to find out which apps were installed on our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This information is obviously very useful, since it allows them to determine our tastes, and therefore, to offer us targeted advertisements. This means ads that can potentially attract us, and make the campaign more successful.

With the release ofiOS 9, Apple intends to preserve the user privacy like never before. For the Californian firm, targeted advertising is obviously incompatible with this initiative. So the idea would be according to The Information gradually detach from it, and reduce their presence as much as possible, on the future major version of its mobile operating system.

iOS 91 - iOS 9: Towards the end of targeted advertising in applications?This is bad news for application publishers whose lucrative aspect is based on advertising. The new API that will be implemented on iOS 9 may cause their revenues to drop. It will probably be minimal for some, but relatively important for Internet giants, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The fact of no longer knowing the user’s inclinations implies a standardization of advertisements on iOS. Apple-goers will no longer have the feeling of being constantly monitored if they update their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iOS 9.