IOS 7 iPhone 4 Tethered Jailbreak: Tutorial

jailbreak ios 7 - Jailbreak iOS 7 iPhone 4 Tethered : Tutoriel

You are not dreaming, the IOS 7 Jailbreak for iPhone 4 tethered is available and functional thanks to the application Ragemasta (Opensn0w). Just follow the tutorial to perform this jailbreak. Remember that tethered means that you will need to connect your iPhone 4 to your computer and repeat step 11 each time the computer turns off.

Note : This jailbreak is difficult to perform and is not completely stable. Indeed, some Cydia tweaks do not work, the iPhone 4 being the only jailbreakable Apple device at present.

iOS 7 Jailbreak - iOS 7 iPhone 4 Tethered Jailbreak: Tutorial

IOS 7 iPhone 4 Tethered Jailbreak Tutorial:


  • IPhone 4 in iOS 7, 7.0.1, 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 or 7.0.4.
  • The software Ragebreak
  • A computer under Windows obligatorily and ideally equipped with the latest update of Java.

1) Connect your iPhone 4 to your computer then launch Ragemasta (setupwin.exe) previously downloaded

2) Then launch the program named ssh_rd_rev04b.

3) Put your iPhone 4 in DFU mode.

  • Press and hold the Home button and the Lock button for 10 seconds
  • When the screen is black, release the lock button while pressing the Home button for 10 seconds

4) Wait while the software detects your iPhone 4 in DFU mode until “Success!” Appears in green on the software.

5) Connect in SSH using Putty to your iDevice using the following information:

  • HostName or @IP: localhost
  • Harbor : 2022
  • Connection type: SSH

putty ssh - Jailbreak iOS 7 iPhone 4 Tethered: Tutorial

6) Then press Open and the terminal should open. Then just authenticate:

  • Username : root
  • Password: alpine

7) Type the command in the terminal. Wait a few seconds, then without leaving Putty, open the WinSCP software. Click on “Login”, and answer “No” to the dialog box.

8) Open the folder SSH2_bundle and select all of its contents to place it at the root of the mounted disk titled / mnt1 in WinSCP. Wait for the transfer time.

9) Once finished, go to the folder bin then select all files and right-click> Properties. Then enter Octal: 0744 to modify the access rights to these.

10) Quit WinSCP and return to the Putty Terminal. Then enter: cd / mnt1, then enter tar xzf SSH2_bundle.tgz to decompress the archive placed here in the previous step. Exit the terminal.

11) Now open the program opensn0w_win and choose the OS corresponding to your iPhone 4 (identifier 3.1). Put your iPhone 4 in DFU mode again.

12) When your iPhone has restarted, launch the software iFunbox and go to Quick Toolbox then “SSH Terminal”. A terminal opens, enter wget -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/ to install Cydia. Please wait. Quit iFunbox.

13) Open Opensn0w again, choose the OS corresponding to your iPhone 4. Place your iPhone one last time in DFU mode and wait during the boot tethered…

14) Unlock your iPhone 4 and you should see Cydia on your Springboard!

The video tutorial of the iOS 7 jailbreak of the iPhone 4 by 73Steven:

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