IOS 7 flaw: access photos when iPhone is locked

faille ios 7 - Faille iOS 7 : accéder aux photos lorsque l

While the beta 1 of iOS 7 is available since Monday, the first real flaw has just been discovered on the new mobile operating system from Apple. The latter allows access to all the photos even if a lock code has been configured.

To do this, simply open the control center from the lock screen, then access the calendar or calculator using the shortcuts. Then relaunch the control center, this time open the camera and voila. Access to the photos (bottom left) is available and no longer grayed out as it was because of the code.

iOS 7 flaw - iOS 7 flaw: access photos when iPhone is locked

No doubt thatApple quickly fix this flaw with iOS 7 beta 2, but the technique deserved to be shared to avoid leaving your device in any hands … Developer friends, do not hesitate to report bugs you may encounter.

Of course, it is normal that there are still some flaws on the OS since it is not yet available (in theory;)) for the general public. However, it can always be used to silence this geek buddy who is already selling with his iOS 7!