iOS 7 beta 2: store apps in Newsstand

iOS 7 kiosque - iOS 7 bêta 2 : ranger des applications dans Kiosque

While iOS 7 beta 2 unveiled a few days ago brings some fixes, there are obviously still some bugs including the one that we will present to you below and which should delight its users.

The flaw of the day concerns the application Kiosk, which as a reminder allows you to group all the newspapers and magazines of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Still need to use it…

iOS 7 kiosk - iOS 7 beta 2: store applications in Kiosk

For those like me who like to have the purest springboard possible, it is possible in iOS 7 beta 2 (and probably also on beta 1) to use Kiosk (Newsstand in the video) as a folder and store your applications there.

To do this, simply put the applications in edit mode (by pressing and holding an icon) and then drag one to Kiosk. The latter will normally open as a normal folder and you can drag the application into it.

The “glitch” video:

Be careful however if you want to go back, since you will have to restart the iPhone or delete the apps inserted in Newsstand.

If you do not have iOS 7, be aware that there is software allowing you to store the Kiosk in a folder without jailbreak, under iOS 6 : StifleStand.