"iOS 6 will integrate 3D mapping"

"iOS 6 will integrate 3D mapping"

according to 9to5mac, Apple will drop "Google Maps" functionality in the next version of iOS in favor of a new 3D mapping system.

The first clues regarding the future iOS 6 are starting to filter. In evidence, the interesting revelation of 9to5mac who prtend, screenshot in support, that Apple is planning to integrate a new 3D mapping system in the next version of its iOS. According to a reliable source, the arrival of iOS 6 will go hand in hand with the abandonment of the current “Google Maps” functionality in place in iOS since the arrival of the iPhone in 2007. It's already in particular the case with the iPhoto application which uses the cartographic data of OpenStreetMap. For the future version of the “Maps” application, Apple would now use other technologies, notably those of Placebase and Poly9, companies bought by Apple in the last two years, which were specialized in points of interest and that of C3 , a 3D modeling specialist who acquired military mapping data, also bought by Apple. As you will have understood, the mapping system which should be integrated into iOS 6 should offer a 3D viewing mode and the “Street View” mode would give way to a three-dimensional representation of space, much more advanced and according to the american site, the result would be simply incredible.

However, it remains to be seen whether this new “homemade” mapping system will have a navigation module. Recall that iOS is still the only mobile operating system without a built-in GPS navigation software.

As a reminder, the first beta version of iOS 6 should be released during WWDC, which begins on June 11.

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Example of cartographic data used by C3: