iOS 5: updates via mobile networks

iOS 5: updates via mobile networks

Apple is expected to present the first beta version of iOS 5 to developers next June 6. Besides the fact that the new firmware intended for iDevices should bring new functionalities such as a new notification system, a new management of the application files and many other things still, the writing of 9to5mac tells us that the new major update should also concern iDevice update procedure which could now take place "over the air" (OTA), via operators' mobile networks.

If up to now, the user has to go through the iTunes software – installed on a computer and connected to the Internet – to update their iDevice, iOS 5 could change the situation by allowing you to update your device directly via GSM waves. This possibility could happen as soon as iOS 5 is launched, probably in September, but not necessarily when it is introduced.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the Cupertino company is in the process of preparing the ground with the operator Verizon Wireless and perhaps also with AT&T to see other future partner operators in the United States, at least initially.

Future updates may be reduced in file size.

It seems rather difficult to imagine a user updating his device via the waves of his mobile operator while knowing that current updates seem relatively heavy (sometimes more than 200 Mb). To offer this new possibility of update, Apple should therefore probably lighten its system and offer lighter updates that only modify certain elements.

If an update is not successful, the system integrated into the iOS would offer a functionality to go back in case.

It remains to be seen how Apple could ultimately offer such a new possibility and whether the old system of updating from iTunes will still be kept.

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