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iOS 5: i0n1c wants to block pirate applications

iOS 5: i0n1c wants to block pirate applications

The German Stefan Esser, better known by the nickname I0n1c (Dev Team), throws a wedge in the pool by saying that he was thinking about developing a new jailbreak solution for the iOS (untethered) which would have the particularity of blocking the access to pirated applications. "The idea of ​​creating a jailbreak method that would block pirate applications is ping pong in my head and could motivate me to develop an untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 5", published the hacker on Twitter.

Stefan Esser has already made it known in the past that he was against any form of piracy which consisted in stealing paid applications to use them (which in particular allows the jailbreak). If his opinion is to respect the work of developers, it is not necessarily the same for iDevice users who, for a certain number of people, use jailbreak precisely as a method allowing them to have free access to applications initially Pay.

If it is not certain that such a restriction is present in a future jailbreak solution, it is in any case being considered. Not to mention that other hackers / developers could also join the cause of Stefan Esser.

News that may not be appreciated by some people who use the jailbreak to hack applications.

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