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iOS 5 final version available on October 10?

iOS 5 final version available on October 10?

Apple customer service has recently received information that support for iOS 5 may be available from October 10. Would this date coincide with the release of iOS 5?

according to Apple Insider, Apple Customer Service Employees recently received information that they should expect a massive influx of information requests and technical support About iOS 5 count from October 10 next. According to information received by employees, the number of telephone calls received could be multiplied by eight. If Apple does not clearly communicate in this information that its new OS could be made available for download from this date, everything suggests that this could be the case.

In addition, the date of October 10 could not exactly coincide with the date of the launch of the new iPhone. Generally, the Cupertion firm makes its new major update available for download a few days before the sale of the new generation of the craft.

For example, in 2009, iOS 3 was released for download on Wednesday, June 17, two days before the start of the sale of the iPhone 3G in the United States. Last year, iOS 4 was released on Monday, June 21, while the iPhone 4 was "on the shelves" three days later.

If recent allegations by Orange CEO, Stphane Richard, indicating that the iPhone 5 will be released on October 15 (from what he heard), the date here for the release of iOS 5 might seem entirely plausible.

Remember that depending on the site Boy Genius Report, indicated that an eighth beta version of iOS 5 will be made available for download this Friday while a Gold Master (pre-final) version of Apple's future operating system will be sent to iPhone assemblers around September 23.

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