iOS 5: FaceTime finally on 3G?

iOS 5: FaceTime finally on 3G?

Those of you who attended Apple's press conference last year, when the iPhone was introduced, certainly remember Steve Jobs' good words that FaceTime video conferencing will be accessible through a 3G network, and this as of 2011. Indeed, so far FaceTime users can only take advantage of it by going through the Wi-Fi network (even if there are tricks to get around using related methods at the jailbreak). With the arrival of the first beta version of iOS 5, which will likely be launched on June 6 at WWDC, we are now wondering if Apple will take advantage of the event to announce the release of this feature.

Respond to the competition.

If FaceTime trend always show "closed" because of its use exclusively reserved between products "Made in Apple" in addition to its clamping 3G. Now is not the time for the Cupertino company to give up and at least offer 3G access. Indeed, other applications such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Fring or Tango, allow to offer similar functionalities, even if they do not offer the powerful ergonomic side that FaceTime offers.

Would you be interested in using FaceTime on a 3G network?

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