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iOS 5 beta 6: What should we remember?

iOS 5 beta 6: What should we remember?

iOS 5 beta 6 has been available since last Friday. This version brings nothing new except the usual bug fixes and general system stability.

However, some little things were not lost on the developers.

Thus, this version removes the possibility for developers to use the UDID (the unique identifier of each iPhone) to keep track of the use that a consumer can have with an application. This is particularly useful for identifying an iPhone for consumer data retrieval or for displaying target advertisements. This ability to use UDID was offered to developers since iOS 2.0.

Apple says developers will now have to create their own identification system for their apps installed on consumers' iPhones to handle this whole batch of data.

We can see in this decision a real interest for Apple to highlight services such as the Game Center or their advertising ad iAd destined for terminals running iOS.

iH8Sn0w, the developer behind Sn0wbreeze, the iPhone jailbreak utility for Windows, says that the beta 6 of iOS 5 expires on Thursday, September 29, 2011. This does not indicate that the final version of iOS 5 will be available this period since it will be necessary to wait for the Golden Master version to consider a release schedule for the final version.

On August 16, we reported that an iOS 5 property file from some developers mentioned a 4G / LTE service (see: “IPhone 4G / LTE is in the testing phase"). This same file resurfaces with the sixth beta of iOS 5 (only for iPhone 4 (GSM version) and iPad 2 (Wi-Fi version + CDMA and not at their counterparts). Would specific models for the 4G / LTE network be actually in-house testing?

iOS 5 therefore still seems to retain a certain amount of mystery and that around the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 remains therefore still whole.

We discuss it on the forum.