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iOS 5: an API for Twitter integration

iOS 5: an API for Twitter integration

Apple has released an API that will allow developers to integrate Twitter functionality through their application (s).

One of the features expected in iOS 5 is the integration of Twitter in the heart of the new OS! If the user will still have to install, by itself, the flagship application of the microblogging site, notifications that interact with the social network, they will be automatically relayed through the notification system fully revised and integrated into iOS 5. Better yet, since the release of the seventh beta version of the future OS, Apple now offers developers the possibility of having an API that will allow them to integrate the functionality of Twitter within their applications. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey rejoices on the blog dedicated to the development of the microblogging site: I am particularly enthusiastic about what is happening in the mobile world. With the deep integration of Twitter into iOS 5, there is an opportunity for us, together, to take the ecosystem to a new level and add: Soon, no matter where there is an iPhone or iPad, you will always find Twitter. If you are an iOS developer, you can add your apps to Twitter to personalize your users' experience, give them a better and easier way to log in, enrich their experience, share their thoughts and content and help improve their distribution. . What to tickle a little more Mark Zuckerberg?

We discuss it on the forum.

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