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iOS 5: additional pressure for developers?

iOS 5: additional pressure for developers?

Will the arrival of iOS 5 push developers to “rethink” the way they design their application?


according to BusinessInsider, the arrival of iOS 5 may pose some problems for some developers. Indeed, the arrival of the new OS rhymes with the contribution of new functionalities however already often proposed, in another form, through various applications coming from the App Store or directly from the Cydia Store (the application store not official only for jailbreak iDevices). So the same source had fun enumerate fifteen types of applications which probably inspired the developers of iOS 5. These applications offer, among other things, GPS-type features, voice recognition, Cloud, tabbed navigation, notification system, image editing, WiFi synchronization, instant messaging, calendar , reminders, e-reader, which will all have to deal with what iOS 5 already offers, without relying on their adapted, intuitive and above all free integration!

So what to do? Withdraw your application or think about it… propose better? For the developer of the LockInfo application, it is out of the question to give up. Well i'm just going to have to do better than LockInfo now he said through a tweet published after the Apple press conference announcing the arrival of iOS 5. For other developers, this may not be the case …

Anyway, the user will not fail to appreciate the policy of iOS developers who strive to meet their expectations and needs. A strategy that is sure to give additional pressure to developers to eventually offer better or not …

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(Via BusinessInsider )