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iOS 5.1 is available today

iOS 5.1 is available today

During its San Francisco keynote, Apple announced the availability of iOS 5.1 today, which also supports Japanese language Siri.

Unsurprisingly, Apple took advantage of its San Francisco keynote to announce the availability of iOS 5.1, which includes support for new languages, including Japanese for Siri. A news that will delight the 315 million owners of iOS devices among which Apple still has 62 million new buyers in the last quarter of 2011. Record figures that should push Apple to exceed in the coming quarters …

Main new features of iOS 5.1:

Support for Japanese by Siri : The Siri voice recognition feature now recognizes Japanese.

A new camera button displayed when the screen is locked : The latter is no longer activated by pressing but by sliding the finger upwards. A small modification probably linked to accidental releases.

4 new wallpapers.

Note that iOS 5.1 will be integrated directly into iPad 3, the update for the other products (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) is available for download today!

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