IOS 5.1 doesn't seem to solve battery issues

IOS 5.1 doesn't seem to solve battery issues

IOS 5 … We got it imagin, we got it … Then we saw it and finally we got it! Yes… but what price ?! Since its release the iOS 5 must as for the management of the battery, the latter empties a high speed V and nothing seems on the way to correct this problem!

Indeed since its release, the iOS 5 has been spilling a lot of ink! Many complaints have been filed with the developers of the firm Apple. In response, Apple has released an update stamped 5.0.1, an update that unfortunately has not resolved anything! Currently, iOS 5.1 is in the beta version and only users with a developer account have been able to obtain and test it. Some developers have sent their return and it's not reassuring war! Whether on iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, the battery continues to run out of steam quickly.

Michael Morgan, a developer, did his own research and then demonstrated that the problem was not hardware but software! Let's be patient and pray that Apple will find the flaw and fix it for our greatest happiness! (Recall that iOS 5.1 is currently only available in beta version, maybe Apple will find the flaw and fill it before the release of iOS 5.1 in final version!)

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