iOS 5.1: a security flaw discovered within Safari

iOS 5.1: a security flaw discovered within Safari

A security breach discovered in iOS 5.1 would allow an attacker to display a web page in the Safari browser to discreetly retrieve personal data.

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Information is revealed by the site YourDailyMac. A flaw recently discovered in the Safari browser would allow a malicious individual to retrieve data such as the address book of a device or bank information on iOS. In practice, this flaw allows to display a web page – having nothing to do with the requested URL – and would be able to execute type commands JavaScript (). According to the source, this flaw is relatively dangerous in the sense that, for example, any user could, without knowing it, reveal secret information to a malicious site, by believing, for example, on the site of his bank (fishing ).

No doubt Apple should fix this flaw in the next iOS update.

We discuss it on the forum.

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