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iOS 4.3.5: an important security update

iOS 4.3.5: an important security update

The iOS 4.3.5 update made available this week by Apple is very important to carry out, in order to be able to avoid any problem of intrusion into its iDevice.

Tuesday pass, Apple released a new update of its iOS operating system. Stamped “4.3.5”, this new version made it possible to correct a significant flaw linked to the security of certificate validation. A flaw that could have serious consequences as indicated by Moxie Marlinspike on his blog, "This flaw would allow interception simply all data passing through the Apple device, even those secured by the SSL standard", says the computer security researcher who was behind the discovery of this flaw.

According to him, versions iOS 4.3.4, 4.2x and 5 bta 3 are affected by the problem and it is strongly recommended to make the update iOS 4.3.5 available for a few days on Apple's servers. "Without this update, intrusions could take place without the knowledge of users," said the researcher who does not hesitate to detail the procedure to spy on the data circulating on the device, without watching the slightest suspicion …

Online banking users are more than concerned.

“The recently discovered flaw in Apple's devices is particularly problematic for people who use apps or web pages to access their bank accounts”, notes the security company Sophos on its blog.

note that the update made available this week does not concern the iPhone V1 and 3G, nor the iPod Touch 1G and 2G.

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