iOS 4.3.1 would solve autonomy problems

iOS 4.3.1 would solve autonomy problems

Since the last iOS 4.3 update, some users have complained that their iPhone battery performance has decreased significantly. According to Boy Genius Report, this problem is partly solved.

Boy Genius Report Writing Says to have had a chance to be able to test – in preview – the future iOS 4.3.1 update. With regard to battery life – which some people complained about as much as 50% decrease in battery life – this problem is now said to be partially resolved. "It’s not all done yet but it’s much better" indicates BGR.

As a reminder, the iOS 4.3.1 update should arrive in the next two weeks and will also make the following corrections:

– Updates to the Baseband version for iPhone 3GS and iPad. – Correction related to memory corruption when reading large files from USIM system. – Correction of a problem with NTLM authentication in applications and websites. – Correction of a problem with Springboard and applications using the gyroscope on iPad 2. – Correction of a flaw allowing jailbreak on iPad 2.

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