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iOS 4.1 bta: update on reception concerns and new features

The first feedback from users who have already installed the iOS 4.1 firmware in beta version begins to flow. The first question you should definitely ask yourself is whether this update, as had indicated Apple, finally allows to solve the reception problems related to the new iPhone.

MobileCrunch was able to test the effect of this update on the quality of signal reception when your palm is placed on the antenna and it would seem that this iOS 4.1 in its beta version does not allow improvement as you can see on this video below :

Some new features and optimizations have however been brought to this beta version, these include Bluetooth type support AVRCP allowing you to take full control of the audio functions of devices that can be found, for example, in the audio system of a car. In practice, this protocol will allow you to start playing music through the iPod application of your iPhone and to be able to listen to it via a Bluetooth connection through the speakers of your car. In addition, this new feature will also allow you to be able to “Hang up” your car calls via the integrated control system or more simply via a Bluetooth headset.

Parental control is now integrated in the FaceTime application which will allow via the Settings menu to block this application completely or not and therefore not find the option “FaceTime” in the contact details or during a call. Usage restrictions are also now available in the Game Center multiplayer interface. In practice, you can prevent your child from playing online with strangers.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will block the new iPhone's camera so your kids can't use it the Chatroulette app on iPhone.

We discuss it on the forum.