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iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2: Cardio Fitness allows you to measure your physical shape with the Apple Watch

Apple has just launched the deployment of the iOS 14.3 update in final version on iPhone. This new version of iOS is not stingy with new features. In addition to support for AirPods Max headphones, Apple Fitness +, ProRAW, the update includes Cardio Fitness. From now on, the Apple Watch (under watchOS 7.2) will automatically calculate the maximum flow of oxygen that can be consumed during an outdoor exercise.

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This Monday, December 14, 2020, Apple has deployed the iOS 14.3 update in a final and stable version. In the process, the Cupertino company offered the watchOS 7.2 update on the Apple Watch. Among the major new features of the two firmwares, we find the Cardio Fitness function.

This new feature allows automatically measure your VO2 Max (the maximum volume of oxygen a body can absorb during exercise) with your Apple Watch running watchOS 7.2. This measurement quantifies the physical form of athletes or sportsmen. Concretely, the higher the VO2 Max, the faster the body can make intense efforts.

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Apple deploys Cardio Fitness while waiting for Fitness +

“Cardio fitness can be a really useful metric for everyone, not necessarily just for someone who runs marathons” says Dr. Sumbul Desai, head of the health division at Apple. It is “An indicator of your general health as it summarizes the way your body uses oxygen”, specifies the vice-president.

As soon as physical activity outdoors is detected (via GPS and accelerometer), your Apple Watch will measure your VO2 Max. Then, Apple’s algorithms will measure your evolution over the long term. Ultimately, the option replaces the traditional stress tests to be carried out under medical supervision, Apple implies. Obviously, the Cardio Fitness function will take on its full meaning when Fitness + arrives in France.

Moreover, the iOS 14.3 update also prepares the arrival of the AirPods Max wireless headphones and adds the Pro Raw function to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This option offers an improved version of RAW that allows you to retouch images without affecting their quality.