iOS 14.2: FaceTime in 1080p was added on the iPhone

Apple has rolled out the iOS 14.2 update and included a nice little novelty: the ability to use Face Time with 1080p definition. A very discreet update, which has not even been reported by Apple, and which concerns the iPhone 8 and above.

Face Time

Apple has rolled out iOS update 14.2 and has included a number of new features. Some don’t even appear in the patch notes. This is the case with the arrival of 1080p definition now supported by Face Time.

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The thing was spotted by the Brazilian site Mac Magazine which conducted the investigation. He has indeed gone through this update released on November 5 and spotted something interesting: the official Cupertino brand’s website now says FaceTime HD (1080p) on a number of terminals, whereas this was not the case before.

A wide range of terminals concerned

This novelty concerns iPhones of recent years up to iPhone 8. So this concerns the iPhone 8, 8Plus, iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, iPhone SE and iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The latest iPhone 12s (classic, Pro and Pro Max) are obviously on the list.

Interestingly, Face Time in 1080p is available only in WiFi for Apple terminals, with the exception of the 12 range. In fact, they can take advantage of 5G to provide the user with this functionality. MacMagazine tested FaceTime via 4G, then the same thing in 1080p via Wifi and indicates that the improvement is present, we would have suspected.

As a reminder, Apple presented its four new iPhone 12s a few months ago. These bring 5G as a big novelty, but not only. Indeed, we note the arrival of OLED screen as well as the Apple A14 home chip. Emphasis was also placed on the photo, the two 12-megapixel sensors doing wonders in use. The arrival of MagSafe technology on this new range is also a strong argument for Apple.

And you, have you noticed an improvement in Face Time over the past month? Do you use it? Tell us in the comments !

Source: MacMagazine