iOS 13: little more for AirPods, HomePod and Carplay

iOS 13: little more for AirPods, HomePod and Carplay

apple airpodsAt the keynote of WWDC19, Apple announced new ways to enjoy AirPods, HomePod, Shortcuts and CarPlay. All this is embedded in iOS 13 which is already available to developers.

More autonomous AirPods with iOS 13

AirPod users will soon be able to share music with other users who have dAirPods themselves. All you have to do is touch the iPhone screen for this, a feature that will certainly be good for music lovers. You had enough of Siri's inhuman voice? Well know that the Assistant AI Apple, gets a more natural voice.

During the Keynote, Apple also announced that you could respond to your messages quickly after the cost with your AirPods.

apple wwdc19 airpods sharing audio

The Shortcuts application also provides help with custom voice commands in multiple steps.

IOS 13 new for HomePod

The HomePod will also gain support for Handoff with iOS 13: lenceinte will resume playing music simply by approaching the iPhone of the device. But that's not all, it will also be able to distinguish the voices of different users, and give personalized answers according to each.

apple wwdc19 handoff homepod

New iOS 13 for CarPlay

CarPlay offers a brushstroke in the interface, with a redesigned dashboard. There are also musical controls accessible directly. Nice!

apple wwdc19 home carplay 13