iOS 13.3 is available: here are the new features

iOS 13.3 is available: here are the new features

After 4 beta versions, Apple finally deploys the final version of iOS 13.3.

Obviously, this new version of iOS is an opportunity for Apple to provide several fixes for various problems encountered and other bugs. But iOS 13.3 is also synonymous with new features. Indeed, this update introduces several new features that some have already learned through the beta versions of the operating system of iPhone and LiTouch.

Among the new features, we note especially the arrival of Limits of communications. This is a new feature in parental control settings which allows you to further restrict the list of contacts than a child to reach by phone, FaceTime or Messages during the day. One way to avoid being distracted while in school, for example.

Apple also indicates whichOS 13.3 allows:

  • create new video clips by shortening videos in Photos,
  • ensure support in Safari for FIDO2-compatible NFC, USB and Lightning security keys,
  • resolve issues that may prevent new messages from being downloaded to Mail,
  • resolve an issue that could prevent messages from being deleted from Gmail accounts,
  • resolve issues that could cause incorrect characters to appear in messages and duplicate messages sent to Exchange accounts,
  • solve a problem that could prevent the cursor from moving after a long press on the space bar,
  • correct a problem that could cause screenshots to be blurry when they are sent via Messages,
  • to resolve an issue that may prevent saving screenshots in Photos when they have been cropped or annotated,
  • resolve an issue that could cause voice memos to be shared with other audio apps,
  • to solve a problem that could prevent the deletion of the badge indicating missed calls in the Phone app,
  • to solve a problem that could lead to the erroneous display of cellular data as being inactive,
  • solve a problem that could prevent the dark mode from being deactivated when Smart Reverse is active,
  • to resolve an issue that may cause the wireless charging speed of some wireless chargers to abnormally slow down.

This update is also available on the HomePod is introduced a feature: the connected speaker is now able to recognize the voice profile of a user. This allows members of the same family to activate or deactivate certain personal requests.

You can iOS 13.3 now from your iPhone settings if you have not received a notification.