iOS 13.3: a bug allows to bypass the functionality Communication limits

iOS 13.3: a bug allows to bypass the functionality Communication limits

It would be possible to circumvent the restriction.

One of the main ones alone? of the new iOS 13 update seems to be experiencing a problem. The functionality in question, the communication limit, suggests that parents limit the contacts with which their children can communicate depending on the time of day. A way to prevent them from being distracted at school, for example.

A good idea on paper, especially since it is possible to make exceptions for certain contacts; parents or caregivers, for example. It is also a way to prevent small blond heads from communicating with people who are not in their contacts, strangers.

But it seems that the functionality is not fully developed. Indeed, when an unknown number sends an SMS to an iPhone framed by the communication limit, the phone offers to add the number to the contacts, something that only parents could do. Once he has added the number to his address book, the child or adolescent can communicate with him by SMS, FaceTime or call him.

The flaw would not be limited there since, as CNBC reports, it would be possible to circumvent the ban on communication with strangers via an Apple Watch. Just ask Siri via his Apple Watch to send an SMS or call this or that number and the virtual assistant will obey.

These flaws would not be exploitable when the parents set the periods during which the child cannot use his telephone.

Informed of the problem, Apple said CNBC; vsThis problem only occurs on devices configured with a non-standard configuration, and a workaround is available. We are working on a full fix and will release it in a future software update.