iOS 12 is installed on half of the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

iOS 12 Part Installations 50 Pour Cent - iOS 12 est installé sur la moitié des iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Apple just shared official statistics regarding the share of usage ofiOS 12. The new version is now installed on 50% of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in circulation.

As for iOS 11, 39% of Apple devices are still using this version. The iOS 10 firmware and earlier versions occupy the remaining 11%. Among the iOS devices that have been released in the past four years, 53% of them use iOS 12, 40% run on iOS 11 and the remaining 7% have iOS 10 or an older version.

iOS 12 Part Installations 50 Percent - iOS 12 is installed on half of the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

The iOS 11 version initially contained a lot of bugs. Consequently, many people preferred to stay on iOS 10. With the arrival of version 12 of this new mobile OS, Apple has improved performance and has fixed various problems. It is for this reason that half of the users have chosen to install the iOS 12 version, which has just been launched less than three weeks ago.

Note that the iOS 12 version is able to launch applications 40% faster, open the keyboard 50% faster, and the camera application 70% faster. With the upcoming launch of iOS 12.1, the usage share will surely continue to increase. As a reminder, this version integrates among others FaceTime group calls and more than 70 new emojis.