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iOS 11 & macOS High Sierra: 12 new Emoji unveiled

July 17 was World DayEmoji. Apple took the opportunity to unveil the new emoticons that will be available in the final versions ofiOS 11 and of macOS High Sierra.

However, the apple brand did not show all of the new Emoji. This one actually presented only 12: a woman wearing a veil, a man with a fairly thick beard, an Emoji with starry eyes, an Emoji with the top of the exploding skull, a zombie, an elf, a man doing yoga, a mom breastfeeding her baby, a crazy Emoji with eyes all over the place, a vomiting Emoji, a green tyrannosaurus, and a zebra.

In its press release, Apple reminds that these 12 emoticons represent only a small part of the total (read: iOS 11 discover the 69 new Emoji). Note that for Emoji representing a man or a woman, skin color options will be available. Others will also be available in gender. The Zombie Emoji, for example, will offer a male version and another female version. The new Emoji should arrive in September, at the same time as iOS 11.