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iOS 11 is present on more iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch than iOS 10

ios 11 adoption mixpanel ios 10 - iOS 11 est présent sur plus d

Available since September 19, iOS 11 is the latest major version of the mobile operating system fromApple. According to data from Mixpanel, it has been meeting a adoption rate higher than that of iOS 10 for a few days.

As of October 9, iOS 11 was installed on 47.09% of Apple?s mobile devices in circulation (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). This adoption rate thus exceeded that of the previous version (46.81%) of Apple?s mobile operating system, namely iOS 10. Earlier versions of the Apple brand OS were installed on only 6.10% machines.

iOS 11 adoption mixpanel iOS 10 - iOS 11 is present on more iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch than iOS 10However, iOS 11 did not do better than iOS 10 in terms of speed of progression. To arrive on the majority of Apple?s mobile terminals, version 11 took 3 weeks before surpassing its predecessor. When it launched last year, iOS 10 had done better against iOS 9. Indeed, version 10 of the OS of the apple brand had taken only 2 weeks to pass in front of its predecessor.

Why this loss of speed? Users did not seem convinced by the latest major version of iOS. Many have thus waited before migrating to it. To date, there are already 3 updates to iOS 11 for the general public.