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iOS 11.2: how to transfer a call from an iPhone to an iPad / Mac?

At the beginning of the month, Apple released the final version ofiOS 11.2 for the general public. It arrived urgently to correct (among other things) a bug causing the iPhone screen to crash. Apart from the activation of Apple Cash in the United States, call transfer is the big news of this update.

By taking a call on an iPhone, it is now possible from iOS 11.2 to change devices without interrupting communication. The conversation can thus be transferred to an iPad or Mac. To transfer, press the “audio”To display the list of connected terminals. All you have to do is select a compatible Apple computer or tablet to instantly transfer the call.

Functionality is based on the system Handoff, which connects several terminals together without requiring a wire. Call transfer is only effective if Apple devices are connected to the same Internet network. This option should be welcomed by users due to its practicality in certain situations. We can, for example, prevent communication from being lost when the iPhone’s battery is low.

Apple also plans to extend this functionality to other applications, including Apple Music. Like call transfer, playback of media could be continued on another device of the brand, all without interruption.