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iOS 10: a bug leads to the blocking of certain devices

iOS 10 Logo - iOS 10 bêta 1 : volontairement, Apple n’a pas chiffré le noyau (kernel)

iOS 10 Logo - iOS 10 bêta 1 : volontairement, Apple n’a pas chiffré le noyau (kernel)

The blocking of certain devices following an update is a story unfortunately already known to Apple. And it has just reproduced. As expected and announced, iOS 10 was made public late yesterday afternoon. Logically, users of devices from the Californian brand rushed to update their compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

They wanted to take advantage of the latest features of Apple’s mobile operating system as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a bug came to break the pretty picture of the firm. Indeed, some users ended up with a blocked device during the upgrade to iOS 10.

iOS 10 Logo - iOS 10: a bug results in the blocking of certain devicesApple had already experienced such a mishap with the update to iOS 9.3. However, this concern seems less important than the previous one. Indeed, users were able to restore their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iTunes and thus do the update while with the bug of iOS 9.3, even the Genius Bars of the Californian giant encountered problems.

Of course Apple quickly responded with apologies for the inconvenience. The Cupertino company said that few users had encountered this problem when switching to iOS 10 and that it came from a process of updating Apple’s platform.