Invoice 3G Orange: a new record at € 160,000

Invoice 3G Orange: a new record at € 160,000

Image 1: 3G Orange bill: a new record at € 160,000

Update : Le Point has just published a copy of this subscriber’s invoice.

After the iPhone cracked in series, the Orange 3G “overcharges” are popping up all over France. Today it is a new level which is crossed since it is the sum of 159,212 euros which is requested from Jean Spadaro, emergency doctor.

Orange customer for 17 years

“In November 2008 I subscribed to a basic Internet subscription by 3G key at 30 euros per month, but seeing my bills reach amounts up to 860 euros in April, I decided in May to subscribe to an unlimited subscription by Orange business 3G key at 50 euros per month, ”explains the doctor. “When I saw my bill for May, I couldn’t believe it: 159,212 euros, for a month of connection, it’s impossible, especially since we don’t use it all the time. “

Supporting emails, he tells AFP his discussions with customer service with the only response to formal notices with threat of seizure. “When I started to tell them that I was going to publicize this affair, they sent me emails to inform me of two separate assets of 22,622 euros and 136,529 euros coming as a deduction from the invoice. I want a refund and a compensation, because I had rejection costs, ”he says.

This is the third case of astronomical invoicing from Orange: 46,000 euros last week, 39,500 yesterday. “It was by seeing her story on television that I saw that I was not the only one and that I decided to alert the press,” explains Jean Spadaro about the first case. “I have been an Orange customer for 17 years. I don’t want to attack her image, but there, enough is enough. It’s a matter of principle, on the forums, dozens of subscribers tell similar stories. “

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