Invitable streaming of PC games to Xbox One with Windows 10

Invitable streaming of PC games to Xbox One with Windows 10

The last conference held by Microsoft and centralized on the next version of its operating system, Windows 10, was rich in information. Among them, it has been confirmed that this OS will allow play streaming, streaming Xbox One games directly to our PCs.

Phil Spencer Xbox OneBetter yet, the full console interface of the manufacturer can be deported to our computer screens, with the Game DVR function to capture, edit and broadcast gameplay videos in our favorite games.

A question quickly came to mind of gamers: will it be possible to do the opposite, namely stream PC games directly to Xbox One, with a view to playing quietly on our sofa? Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division and Microsoft Studios, commented on this during an interview at the company's headquarters in Redmond.

“People are asking for broadcast in the opposite direction. "Can I stream from my PC to my Xbox?". And I'm just going to say that this is something that we are really looking to do. ”

If this functionality were to be confirmed in the more or less near future, it would probably be a blow for the Steam Machines, since the latter also offer the possibility of playing our PC games in our living room.