Steve Jobs - Investigatiôns :

Investigations: “Steve Jobs, the visionary” tonight on France Ô

Steve Jobs - Investigatiôns :

For those who are not interested in the Cannes Film Festival or the Europa League final, the TNT France Ô channel is offering a report this evening on the late ex-CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, a post he held. had to leave following his illness which prevailed in October 2011.

If you are interested in the early life of Jobs and the famous quote for John Sculley, CEO of Pepsi at the time: “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or come with me and change the world?” “ fascinates you, this documentary should interest you.

Synopsis of “Steve Jobs, the visionary”:

Disappeared in 2011, at the age of 56, Steve Jobs revolutionized digital uses and made Apple the essential success story of the start of the 21st century •

Steve Jobs - Investigations: This report of nearly two hours will be followed by a documentary entitled E-Germinal, on the Chinese factories of Foxconn:

Synopsis of “E-Germinal, in the hell of Chinese factories”:

The Chinese factories of Foxconn, a Taiwanese assembly specialist who supplies all major brands from Apple to Sony, are running at full speed. Exhausted, several employees have already committed suicide.

So see you tonight from 8.50 p.m. sure France Ô. For English speakers, we advise you, if not already done, to look iSteve, the humorous feature film from Funny or Die.