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Invasion of Sudoises on the Apple campus!

This is not a joke and it is for a good cause: Get an app approved! These are in fact a few people from the staff of the Swedish TV channel SVT. The Swedish television channel is probably very impatient to see its application appear on the App Store and wanted to mark the occasion in this direction; coupl and we dare to believe it easily a big marketing coup since they even planned to broadcast their action live on their TV channel and on the internet.

this is added to the desire to record a video where the Apple C.E.O, Steve Jobs, would say β€œJa” (pronounce yah, editor's note) which means yes in Swedish and would signify the approval of the application!

Even if you doubt that iPapy will move to please, the idea of ​​the buzz is very nice!

The real photo of the action is in the following πŸ˜‰

We discuss it on the forum.