Interview with Proximus: iPhone release in February!

logo_proximus.gifBelgium-iPhone was lucky to be able to meet an engineer working at Proximus and sufficiently well placed to give us good information interesting and Fdevils!

According to him, iPhone release in Belgium slated for February 2008 and will be about in unlocked version. This engineer got an iPhone try it for a few days and had the opportunity to test the Visual Voice Mail function which would seem already operationalthe on the “test” servers at Proximus.

We did not forget to ask him the big question concerning the price of the precious: “It will be located around 1,000 euros“.

Little anecdote: At the end of the conversation, he took out of his pocket the last of the Blackberrys and slipped the following words: "At least, it's a professional device!" Okay, but it's not so pretty… ;-]

@ Alex