Mac: Apple is working on a different keyboard architecture

Interview: Phil Schiller explains backtracking for Magic Keyboard

icon macbook 2016Dvoil 14:30, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is officially available on the Apple Online Store. You were pleasantly surprised that it is at the same price as the 15-inch MacBook Pro (which has also disappeared), but this new MacBook Pro is not that new. He made a small return back! Yes, the keyboard is no longer butterfly, but returns ayx scissors!

Phil Schiller explained about this choice

Has Apple made this choice over the quality dcevante of the butterfly keyboard among many users of the MacBook Pro of the previous generation? According to Phil Schiller, not at all (even if we can not believe it). Please do not confess bad idea butterfly keyboard and especially the failure which causes the return to back, Phil Schiller prefers to advance the fact that some users in would have wanted more and more ! And a … The butterfly keyboard did not arrive answer this request.

macbook pro 16 inch techcrunch keyboard

In a long interview with Media Cnet, Phil explains:

A few years ago, we decided that while advancing the butterfly keyboard, we would also – especially for our business customers – come back and really talk to many business customers what they wanted most in a keyboard. MacBook.
It was a large-scale project, the way our engineers came to grips with the essence (…) of typing or how to type – depending on what people like. When we started looking specifically for what business users wanted most, they often said: I want something like this Magic Keyboard, I love this keyboard. The team has worked on this idea to take this basic technology and adapt it to the MacBook Pro.

And customer complaints about the keyboard?

Decidedly, it is clear that everything was ready. Phil Schiller also expected a question like this. this subject he responds with delicacy and explains:

There is always something to learn to improve a product, whatever the returns. What could we do to improve? Could we start from what we have or should we go in a totally different direction – and for which audience? The team took the time to do some research work: explore and reinvent.

The old-generation keyboard rewind is therefore good news for MacBook Pro customers. Become a real phenomenon the Apple service, the keyboard was the main reason for MacBook Pro changes!