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Interview and competition: Vincent Zgueb, the developer of myPhotoEgg!

This week, Belgium-iPhone went in search of a fairly imaginative developer. Vincent Zgueb, the developer of the myPhotoEgg application seemed to us the ideal candidate for this exercise.

myPhotoEgg allows View your photos with a 3D interface in duf shape, at the exit of the program, belgium-iPhone had not failed to present it to you, moreover, you can find all the comments at this address: here

Link to the AppStore

In addition to this discussion, Vincent offers members of Belgium-iPhone 5 licenses of its myPhotoEgg application. The competition is simple, the First 5 people who leave a nice comment on the blog (not the Forum) will receive a license!


1) Hello Vincent, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Vincent Zgueb, I live and work Nancy in the East of France. I'm 38 and have been developing iPhone applications for just under a year. I have about 10 years of experience in development, mainly in VB.NET, Java and now Objective-C. I follow my account and generally work alone. For some projects, I sometimes associate with a graphic designer and a musician for the composition.

2) The iPhone is talking a lot about him, as a developer, what is your opinion on this phone?

As a developer, the iPhone is an infinite space for creativity. Apple’s feat has not been to put a lot of technology in a case but rather to make it really usable by everyone. To be more precise, the real edge of the iPhone over the competition is undoubtedly its user interface. Now when I test another phone I am frustrated that I cannot handle the objects by touching the screen. To come back to my experience as a developer, I would add that designing an application for the iPhone is first of all trying to make it simple, beautiful and clever, not a gas factory with hundreds of functions that nobody uses.

You can react on the Forum!

3) myPhotoEgg is your 1st application how did you come up with this idea?

Indeed, this is my first application. The idea came to me simply by wanting to initiate the openGL programming on iPhone. By wanting to make a round sphere, I made a programming error and gave an egg to the screen! I thought it was pretty and continued on this path. The idea of ​​the photos in the bud came to me spontaneously. I wanted to dress the egg and not being a graphic designer, what could be simpler than using photos for a. For the name, I thought photoEgg but the Internet domain name was not free so I added “my” to make “myPhotoEgg”. For its development, I initially put 2 or 3 months “lay” the application and probably as much to optimize the graphics performance. It must be said that I developed it alone and I must admit to having drooled a little at the beginning. I made a few mistakes that had to be corrected and a lot of testing. In fact, I didn't have a clear idea of ​​what I wanted. wasted time, but that's how you learn too. Today, I no longer work as a. I know from the start exactly what my goal is and I try to stick to it.

4) How was your relationship with Apple, is it difficult to work with them?

The beginnings with Apple were quite difficult, even discouraging. My first version of myPhotoEgg automatically imported all the photos by scanning the folder that contains them. Apple refused this functionality (however very useful) by reminding me that applications are not allowed to access data present on the phone by direct access to the file system. This little worry still made me lose 3 months! Okay now that I know what to do and what not to do, it's much better and my applications (especially updates) are accepted without problem. In summary, if we respect the rule set by Apple, things are very simple. At the technical level, The SDK is very complete, it really allows to exploit all the possibilities of the iPhone. Apple provides a wealth of documentation, not to mention the developer forum, which is super efficient and provides direct contact with Apple developers. Everything is done to make good applications. Without this support, the community would have remained fairly limited I think.

5) the Appstore celebrates its 1 year – 1.5 billion applications downloaded – 65,000 applications available! Does that inspire you?

And yes, there are people! It’s even the street (towards the gold?). I find it very good that everyone can have a chance. This is truly a new phenomenon, never before has a manufacturer succeeded in involving independent developers while succeeding in keeping control over what is put on sale. The others are trying to get started, but Apple has taken a big step forward. Regarding the number of applications, I think the system will eventually find its balance between supply, demand and profitability. In the beginning, any simple application sold thousands of copies. Today the competition is tougher but anyone can succeed with a simple idea, this is what motivates most developers even if in practice, it is difficult to make a living from sales. 'future of the appStore, I must admit that I didn't really think about it. Perhaps the opportunity to respond to notices is missing. Sometimes we get kicked out because the person didn't understand something. At the moment there is not much that can be done on the appStore apart from buying. The community is found more in sites like Belgium-iPhone or other French-speaking sites. This is where the future of applications is today.

6) Your plans for the future, a new application?

Yes I have some projects in progress. Most of them for external customers who will distribute the apps themselves. Under my own brand "Intuitive Machine", I currently have 2 game projects in partnership with a computer graphics friend ( who creates the models and the gameplay while I develop the software part. I would also like to work on "increasing reality" but it is still a bit early to talk about it in detail.

7) The increasing reality is promised a bright future, can you explain to our readers what it is?

Indeed, if the concept of augmented reality has existed for a long time, its dissemination always aims at technical questions, in particular in the processing power of machines. Increasing reality more often than not requires real-time video image processing. Which is very expensive in calculations. I remind you that it is a question of enriching our “natural” vision with additional information. These are generally projected into our field of vision through an optical system resembling glasses. In short, up to now, we had to "hack" a lot to make AR even basic. The iPhone allows a slightly simplified variant of the augmented reality since the information is not inserted in our visual field but on a video image. What is functionally very close. The most important is especially that the iPhone now has everything necessary to make AR, the camera that we can assimilate our eye but especially what to measure precisely the point of view, it is say know what we're looking at. In fact, if the iPhone can give its location and its orientation in space, it is trivial to deduce, from a map, what the user observes. There are other ways of analyzing the observed environment, more based on image analysis alone, but the iPhone lacks the power to do these treatments itself. In summary, it is likely that many AR applications on the iPhone will be released. Many will be intended to provide information in an urban or natural landscape such as finding your way around, seeing the names of the streets superimposed on the video or even finding your friends or points of interest with graphic inserts in the image.

8) A comment to add on the Belgium-iPhone community?

I did not know Belgium-iPhone. I am very happy to be able to present my work and change with the community. This kind of site is super useful for recharging your batteries between 2 projects, testing your ideas or finding new ones. So thank you Belgium-iPhone!

Belgium-iPhone: You're welcome Vincent, it was a real pleasure. The Belgium-iPhone team wishes you a good journey with this magnificent application, we hope that this presentation can further popularize your work … So have a good trip and come and say hello as often as possible.

See you soon

Find vincent's work at this address: ( or