Internet: Fillon wants a social offer at 20 euros

Internet: Fillon wants a social offer at 20 euros

Image 1: Internet: Fillon wants a social offer at 20 eurosFrançois Fillon asked Internet service providers to quickly propose a social offer at 20 euros.

A cheaper but already existing triple play

With this tariff the Prime Minister wishes to provide a broadband Internet connection to households in need. It would therefore be 10 euros less than a standard package for the same services, namely triple play: Internet, telephony, television.

According to a Crédoc study from June 2009, 62% of wealthy families use their Internet connection to make free calls. In homes totaling less than 900 euros per month of income, 22% currently have an Internet offer including telephony. More expensive, the mobile phone would be more appreciated.

To correct this, François Fillon “hopes that within six months, all operators who wish to be able to offer a specific social offer to allow the most modest households to access the Internet under attractive conditions. “

However, it should be noted that such a 20 euro package is not new. Alice (Free) and Numericable both offer them at 19.90 euros including almost similar services.

Alice: a triple play offer at 19.99 euros