Internet Explorer 11 will also be released in Windows 7

Internet Explorer 11 will also be released in Windows 7

Image 1: Internet Explorer 11 will also be released in Windows 7

The next version of Internet Explorer will be available for machines running Windows 7, announced Microsoft.

We already knew that the next Windows 8 update, known by the code name Blue, will bring the operating system to version 8.1. The OS in question will be accompanied by a new version of Internet Explorer, the eleventh. What we didn’t know was what would happen to the browser on other versions of Windows. The Redmond company has just confided to our colleagues at Engadget thatInternet Explorer 11 will indeed be ported to Windows 7 thereafter. No release date has been given. We can only refer to the history of Internet Explorer 10 which was released four months later in final version for Windows 7.

With Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft would seek to regain market share in Chrome and Firefox. Last May, the Google browser held 25.8% of the European market against 21.9% for Firefox and 28.8% for Internet Explorer. The only major difference is that Internet Explorer had lost almost 10 points in one year, while Chrome had gained more than 5 (source: AT Internet & JDN).

In search of reconquest, IE11 gets down to business. It incorporates WebGL which allows to use thehardware acceleration (and therefore optimize the autonomy of mobile devices), but also SPDY which could eventually replace the HTTP protocol. Other new features brought to IE: the possibility of opening a hundred tabs in a window and a new address bar interface dedicated to touch screens.

As a reminder, Windows 8.1 is already available in preview version for those who wish to test it now. Its final version will be distributed as an update for Windows 8.