box internet meilleures offres décembre 2020

Internet box subscription: the best SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Orange promotions

It is sometimes difficult to choose among the offers of the different operators in terms of Internet offers, so many of them are available and all offer different services according to your needs. At the end of 2020, a few oprators, offer promotions on their internet box offers. Zoom on the best internet offers of the moment.

internet box best offers december 2020

SFR Red Box, a Fiber internet subscription at 25 € per month without commitment

Currently, SFR’s RED Box allows you to subscribe to a very high speed subscription for 25 euros per month, without engagement with a rate that does not double after one year. In addition, there is a free month but also Debit Plus options and unlimited calls to mobiles in France from your box offered.

The Speed ​​Plus option provides extremely fast downloads: up to 1 Gbit / s (instead of 300 Mbit / s without the Speed ​​Plus option). Likewise, uploads are accelerated and go from 300 Mbit / s to 500 Mbit / s. Normally, these two options are billed at € 5 per month. So a great gift from SFR!

An offer that turns out to be ideal for people who regularly download large files, such as games, or if many of you in your household use the Internet from various devices (Computers, laptops, television, smartphones, etc. tablets).

In these cases, a very fast connection is always appreciated, in order to avoid bottlenecks. It also allows you to fully appreciate video on demand or video streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +.

As always with RED by SFR, the offer is non-binding and includes the rental of the Box. And if you want to receive television through your Internet box, RED by SFR offers the TV decoder for an additional € 2 per month (for 35 channels) or € 4 additional (for 100 channels). Finally, we end with another good news: RED by SFR undertakes to reimburse you up to € 100 on your cancellation fees if you are already a customer of another operator.

SFR Fiber or ADSL at 15 € per month

SFR in addition to its SFR Red Box offer described above also has another fairly interesting internet offer. The SFR 7 ADSL or Fiber box is currently offered for € 15 per month for 12 months then € 38 per month for 12 months. The offer is subject to a 12 month commitment and reserved for new customers.

Note that it is necessary to foresee 49 € of commissioning costs. At the end of the promotional period, nothing prevents you from canceling to subscribe to a better offer. The rental of the box is included in the subscription price. Here are the services you benefit from depending on your eligibility:

  • Fiber 500 Mb / s in upflow as in downstream speed.
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in France + 100 countries
  • TV package of more than 160 channels
  • 10 GB of SFR cloud storage

BBox Bouygues Telecom internet + telephony from € 14.99 per month

Bouygues Telecom offers 3 internet offers with its Bbox until January 24, 2021. From the most basic offer Bbox Fit including only internet and telephony to the Bbox Ultym, offering fiber and TV in 4K, there is something for all budgets and for all types of needs. These 3 offers are all subject to a 12-month commitment. Commissioning costs and return premium within 30 days of equipment (excluding boxes purchased): € 29 each; termination fee: € 59.

  • The Bbox Fit ADSL for Internet and Telephony at € 14.99 per month for one year then € 28.99 per month. Included: high-speed internet, up to 300 Mb / s upstream and up to 200 Mb / s downstream, optional Wi-Fi 5 repeater, unlimited fixed calls to France + 110 countries.
  • The Bbox Must for Fiber Internet, TV, Telephony and apps at € 21.99 / month for one year then € 36.99 per month. Included: Fiber up to 1Gb/ s downstream and 400 Mb / s upstream. Unlimited calls to France + Landlines France + 110 countries. Over 180 channels and 32 in replay and 128 GB TV recorder and 4K Bbox decoding.
  • The Bbox Ultym for Fiber Internet, TV enriched in 4K, Telephony and apps at € 27.99 per month for the first year, then € 45.99 per month. Included: Fiber up to 2 GB/ s in downlink speed and 600 Mb / s in upstream speed, as well as a WiFi 6 repeater included on request. Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France / Europe / Switzerland and to landlines in more than 110 countries. 4K decoder with more than 180 channels and 32 in replay. 1 Bonus of your choice included: Canal Series logo, 4G key, Playzer or Bbox Jeunesse TV package. Press bouquet included with Cafeyn.

Orange Livebox Fiber at € 22.99 per month

Orange also offers a promotion on the Livebox Fiber internet subscription. It is possible to subscribe for € 22.99 per month for 12 months. Beyond the promotional period, the monthly price drops to € 41.99. The offer is subject to a 12-month commitment. Among the services included:

  • Internet Fiber 400 downstream 400 Mb / s
  • Orange TV with 160 Livebox Play channels / UHD TV decoder
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France and more than 100 destinations abroad including Europe and the overseas departments.