a dual photo sensor also on Galaxy A and C

interchangeable lenses and photo modules on the brand's smartphones

Samsung has already lent itself to the exercise of the smartphone specialized in photography with hybrid terminals which have not really experienced the expected success, and yet this is a subject that is taken seriously internally. Proof of this is the filing of a patent revolving around the issue and which stages a concept of interchangeable camera modules.

Samsung patent photo 2The patent thus describes a smartphone having a location on the back allowing not only to accommodate a flash module and photo sensor, but the latter could also accept lenses or lenses themselves interchangeable.

Samsung's goal would be to offer a real alternative to standard digital cameras, some of which are also equipped with Android. The modules could be varied, with shooting angles, an image definition and a different zoom depending on the objectives and the sensor chosen by the user.

Samsung could offer this system by default on its Galaxy range smartphones and try to seduce lovers of photography. Considering that Samsung is not really the most popular brand on the traditional camera market, despite the remarkable image quality and services, the manufacturer could try to occupy this hybrid segment to occupy a new market. .

Samsung patent photo 1