Grald Darmanin refutes general surveillance

Intelligence Law: Orange wants to be master

Update : Unsurprisingly, the deputies of the National Assembly adopted the text of the Intelligence bill during a solemn vote:

Bill-law-Intelligence-adoption-National assembly


News published on May 1, 2015With its famous black boxes for monitoring Internet traffic using algorithms, the intelligence bill has been much talked about. It will be the subject of a solemn vote in the National Assembly on May 5.

Stéphane Orange RichardA government amendment has somewhat alleviated the concerns of actors such as hosts, although some have not yet given up exile. In any case, they will all remain very vigilant. Stéphane Richard also mentioned this vigilance for Orange.

Personally, the boss of Orange believes that precautions have been taken so that the system that will be put in place " cannot be diverted from its objective "first who is to fight against terrorism. At the microphone of France Inter, he expressed his" presumption of confidence "by mentioning for example the existence of a commission and an authorization circuit.

In his capacity as CEO of the operator, Stéphane Richard nevertheless considers that the text of the bill lacks precision and he poses as an almost non-negotiable rule the fact that " the operator must maintain technical control of the networks. "

"We are network managers and we therefore absolutely want to keep technical control of our networks and of what is inside our networks. The black boxes must remain technically under the control of operators."

He also stressed that the quality of service for the end user must not be compromised by all the questions surrounding the law on intelligence.