Intel announces Xeon Platinum 9282 56 cores and 112 Threads

Intel has long remained on its achievements in the face of the lethargy of AMD in recent years … But the awakening of AMD and the release of the Ryzen and Epic processors have done a lot of harm to the founder, who sees his sales drop drastically .


AMD now has high-performance processors, technologically ahead in some aspects, and offered at prices much lower than what Intel is too used to playing solo on the market offers.

Hustled by its main competitor, but also in difficulty due to production problems, Intel has already anticipated several processor outputs by multiplying refreshes to delay. And above all, Intel does not really like to see AMD come to play on its favorite field by installing its Epyc processors in supercomputers and in professionals.


This is why Intel announces today the Xeon Platinum 9282, a processor taking advantage of the Cascade Lake architecture. It is a processor designed to work in pairs and dedicated to servers, it still benefits from a 14nm + burn, but Intel has put the performance package with 56 physical cores for 112 Threads, 77 MB of L3 cache and frequencies ranging from 2.6 to 3.8 GHz.

The processors manage up to 12 channels of DDR4 and display a monstrous TDP of 400 watts. In total, 4 processors have been announced by Intel in the Xeon 9200 range. The Xeon 9221 and 9222 will display 32 hearts against 48 hearts for the 9242. No price has been announced yet, but the most popular close being the Xeon Platinum 8280 announced at 10,000 dollars, we can expect double for the 9282.