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Intel 8G CPU, good news for the MacBook Pro?

Intel 8G CPU, good news for the MacBook Pro?

icon macbook 2016After the attractive announcement of the 8th generation of Intel Core iX processors with Core i9 up to 18 cores, the founder finally unveils the versions intended for laptops.

The high end of mobile cpu is thus a Core i9-8950HK processor, integrating 6 cores and 12 threads, which can reach a frequency of 4.8 Ghz in turbo boost. Ouch!

core i9 mobile cpu

NIckel for Macbook Pro 2018?

Intel announces some impressive comparisons. Thus, the 8th generation outperforms the previous one with a gain of 29% in pure performance, a figure which rises 41% on video games and 59% for the edition of 4K video.

Always engraved in 14nm, the Core i9 will obviously be accompanied by the i7 and i5 models. A refresh of Macs should take place in June, during WWDC 2018, without changing other components.