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Insults, harassment, spam: how to permanently delete negative comments on your social networks?

Are you the victim of hateful, racist comments or even spam on the Internet? In addition to alerting the moderation services concerned, learn to hide these outrageous comments. To navigate and chat in peace.

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Social media has revolutionized our lives for over ten years. By allowing us to stay in touch with our friends and loved ones, they are both helpful and entertaining. They certainly offer us an infinite playground where humor reigns supreme. But some people sometimes do not go there tomorrow by posting hurtful comments, even downright offensive. This old problem like the web remains important.

Fortunately for us, Google and Jigsaw have been developing a toxic comment detection system for some time. Aimed primarily at developers, it has been declined as an extension for the Chrome browser.

The most effective tool against hate on the Internet!

So start by installing the Tune extension. Warning: if it works on French comments, its interface unfortunately remains in English. So follow the method below.

Once installed, click on the Tune icon in your browser:

install google tune extension

Then click on the option Get Started then sign in with your Google Account. On the next screen, you will be able to select the social networks compatible with Google Tune. You can choose from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or the Disqus comment platform. Check the social accounts you use the most and click on Done.

list social networks monitor

The installation is now complete. If you wish to deactivate the extension at any time for any reason, simply click on the icon and then press the button on Off.

disable google tune extension

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