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Installing Siri on the iPhone 4: danger!

Installing Siri on the iPhone 4: danger!

H1Siri, which allows Siri to run on iPhone 4, is a risk for your personal data and leads to malfunctions of your device.

We recently saw the appearance of personalized proxies allowing to extend Siri's functionalities on your device, such as, for example, ordering spotify thanks to Siri (article of 5/12). The hacker community got down to porting Siri voice assistant from Apple. Available on Cydia, H1Siri lets you run Siri on the latest generation iPhone 4 and iPod touch. The offer is attractive, but beware, we strongly recommend that you do not install H1Siri on your device. To work, Siri saves and sends your data to Apple servers, you will then receive a response as soon as possible. With the use of H1Siri, the data is not sent to Apple, it is sent to a server in China.

A renowned hacker in the world of jailbreak, chpwn, warns us about the risks concerning your personal data. These would also be sent to the Chinese server. These are data such as your address book, messages, emails, location, calendars, etc.

In addition to this problem, H1Siri would lead to malfunctions on your device. There are various reports of dysfunctions, but the most common is the automatic deactivation of the camera function.

Consequently, Belgium-iPhone advises you against the use of this mode which is likely to pose serious problems.

(source: Techcrunch)

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