Install iOS 5 Bta 1 without being a developer

Install iOS 5 Bta 1 without being a developer

Available since yesterday evening as a download, the first version of iOS 5 already brings a lot of interesting novelties. If this Bta version is currently reserved for developers (with a Dev account at Apple), the consumer version, it will be made available in the fall, without being able to be more specific. However and for the most impatient, a method allows you to take advantage, in preview, of the new firmware for everyone.

This non-risk-free method allows, in a certain way, to bypass the validation process (authorization from UDID) and therefore allow anyone to install the first beta version of iOS 5 on his iDevice.

Here is the method of which Belgium-iPhone nevertheless disclaims all responsibilities in case of problem:

1. Update your iPhone dj jailbreak with the iOS 5 downloadable version here.

2. As soon as the update is complete, iTunes will draw your attention to the fact that your iDevice is not registered (logical).

3. Access the iDevice in SSH and access this file: /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist

4. Clear the following fields:



5. Restart your iDevice. iTunes will tell you that it is activated.

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