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Instagram differs from other vintage photo apps by its features for exchanging and sharing photos and videos. Photo enthusiasts will find effective filters and tools to touch up their snapshots. With its millions of users, Instagram is more than just a fad, with Facebook and Twitter, it is one of the most commonly used social networks worldwide. To try without further delay!

What is Instagram?

00C8000008716088-photo-instagram.jpgWith hundreds of millions of users worldwide, Instagram has become one of the three most important social networks with Facebook and Twitter. It is a free application, here in Android version, allowing users to take photos and videos, to edit and share them with their contacts, but also to organize live video with their contacts.

Social functions at the top!

Instagram works like a traditional social network, creating an account is the preliminary step to access all the functionalities of the application. The interface is made up of several tabs to find your contact list, the most popular photos, the user profile as well as news feeds and photos of your contacts.

Photo editing tools

The shooting module offers the possibility of choosing the source (front or rear camera), focus and flash. If the photo or video is suitable, Instagram invites you to apply one of the vintage filters among the twenty or so effects available. The user can then add a caption and geolocate the snapshot and share it on the social network.

The most recent functions

Instagram also allows you to launch a live video to communicate with your contacts and subscribers. Note also that it is possible to send ephemeral photos and videos to his contacts with Instagram Direct. The video tool also allows you to edit a video using several consecutive shots.