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Instagram: the fastest growing social network

Instagram: the fastest growing social network

Last January, Instagram had 15 million accounts. Today, the social network counts no less than 27 million users worldwide. Confirming its monstrous success, as well as the upcoming arrival of an Android application, the social network which is enjoying the greatest growth at the moment could also be launched soon on the stock market.

Nothing seems to be able to stop the rise of Instagram. The application, which has taken center stage on iDevices by offering quality graphic filters mixed with a real social network, is experiencing breathtaking growth with no less than 27 million users today. If you count correctly, that represents an increase of 12 million in just two months. In other words: Instagram is the social network which is developing and which could well become “the next big thing”. Besides, the rise of Instagram is not likely to end in such a good way. The group plans to release its application on Android soon, and a Windows Phone 7 version could also see the light afterwards if we believe the many rumors about it.

Beside all this, there are many rumors that it will go public soon, with an estimated valuation of $ 500 million for a fundraiser of around $ 40 million. For now, the company has not confirmed the information, but given its monstrous success and its expansion plans, everything suggests that Instagram could soon join Facebook and Twitter as one of the most popular social networks. . The company has in any case not denied the rumor, going as far as to specify that it “tries to create a viable long-term company that does not disappear in a few days. Instagram must be something that endures and creates something that has valueSaid his creator.

Like Twitter, Instagram takes advantage of the simplicity of its concept: the user takes a photo, adds a filter that makes it directly more elegant, and even close to a work of art, and then shares it on the social network. . Real artists were born with this application and made themselves known thanks to their photos taken on the spot. His free is also an element that allowed him to take off. As of the first day of availability, 25,000 users would have downloaded it to try it.

Since launching in fall 2010, Instagram has experienced a meteoric rise, recently becoming the first mobile social network, and the fastest growing social network. Its launch on other platforms and its popularity on iOS should allow it to continue its ascent in 2012. It remains to be seen how its creators will manage its success …

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(Source: TechCrunch)