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Instagram shocks with new rules and reverses

Instagram shocks with new rules and reverses

By deciding to offer the possibility of selling the photos of its users without compensation, the Instagram application shocked internet users, many of whom were threatening to close their accounts on Tuesday, pushing the social network to reverse somewhat the same day.


The company announced Monday the update of its conditions of use, effective from January 16 and supposed to allow to cross the data collected from its users with those obtained by its parent company, the social network Facebook.

Certain passages of these new rules visible on had shocked users, in particular the paragraph indicating: "You agree that a company or any other entity may pay us to display your name and user profile, your photos (…) in connection with paid or sponsored content, without this entitling you to compensation".

Another controversial point, according to specialized websites and users, is the fact that Instagram grants itself a “non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable and global” license on photos posted by users.

“By analyzing your reactions and the articles published in the press, we will modify certain parts of the terms (new rules) to explain more clearly what will happen to your photos”, Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, said in a statement Tuesday evening. "Our intention was to communicate to you that we would like to experience innovative advertising"continues Mr. Systrom. “Instead, it was interpreted by many as an attempt on our part to sell your photos without any compensation. This is not true (…) To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos ”, he assures, adding that Instagram was working on a“ new, more appropriate phrase ” new rules, without giving more details.

Many were threatening to close their accounts on Tuesday.

Initially announced for a billion dollars, Facebook’s takeover of Instagram had finally risen to $ 747 million in April.

Released on Monday, the update of Instagram’s conditions of use comes a few months after this buyout and opens the way for a possible upgrade of this application.

It's also about fighting spam more effectively or detecting security issues faster, according to Instagram. The company may have stressed on its site that "nothing changes in the ownership of your photos or who can see them", many users around the world had shared their selves on Twitter since Monday.

“Alert! To everyone on #Instagram, read the new terms of use again. Your photos are at risk! ”, posted @ElvisLewela from Nairobi, Kenya.

“I love Instagram, but these new terms of use are ridiculous”, said @ Danbo12, from Essex, UK.

Some have threatened to close their accounts soon. Others remained skeptical. "No but you seriously believe that someone will pay money to buy an Instagram of your cat sitting on your Macbook and cupcake", laugh @fhtagn! from Tunis.

For Facebook, which recently faced in France a movement of collective panic linked to an imaginary “bug” on the leak of private messages, all these fears stem from “pure speculation”.

“We know that Instagram has to be integrated into Facebook, that's why the terms of use have been updated”said a Facebook France spokesperson. "As to how we will use it, we don't know yet but we will inform our users. Everything else is pure speculation ”.

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(Source: AFP.)